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September 2011 Meetings Summary

September 2011 Meetings Summary

Sub-Regional Watershed Meetings

September 2011

Meetings Summary

Over 80 people attended public meetings held in the four sub-watersheds of the Upper Pit River Watershed IRWM Planning region between September 19 and 22, 2011:

  • Hat Creek:  9/19, 6 p.m., Hat Creek Volunteer Fire Hall
  • Pit River:  9/20, 1 p.m., Alturas City Hall
  • Fall River:  9/21, 6 p.m., McArthur, Intermountain Fairgrounds
  • Burney Creek:  9/22, 10 a.m., Burney Fire Hall

Following is a summary of the meetings, including agenda, presentations and handouts.


(All four meetings had the same agenda.)

1. Welcome and Introductions

2.  What is IRWM and Why Should I Care?

  • What is IRWM?
  • What is an IRWMP?
  • The Document vs. The Process
  • What are the outcomes of the IRWMP Process?

3. What is the Upper Pit River Watershed? Sub-watersheds?

What we already know about your watershed

4.  IRWM Can Be Process Dense – How to Decide Where to Put Your Energies

  • Place-based vs. Issue-focused
  • Water Resources Management vs. Implementation
  • RWMG – Working Groups – Technical Advisory Groups – Project Development

5.  What Is In It For Me and My Organization?

  • A forum for regional discussion and to develop regional strategies for water management
  • An opportunity to develop projects eligible for state funding with multiple stakeholders & multiple objectives

6.  What Do We Need From You?

  • Participation in the process
  • Cooperation in developing projects
  • Assistance in confirming issues, management strategies, goals/objectives and projects

7.  Next Steps

  • The kick-off meeting for the RWMG and setting up meetings with the consulting team to get your projects going
  • Check out the new Upper Pit IRWMP website for info as it becomes available:



Attendees represented a broad range of interests, including ranchers, other private landowners, public agency personnel, non-profit organizations and interested citizens. Attendance at the meetings by headcount was as follows:  Hat Creek, 23; Pit River, 40; Fall River, 15; and Burney Creek, 8.

Presentations, Discussion and Handouts


IRWMP Project Manager and Consultant Katie Burdick presented information and facilitated discussion at each of the meetings, assisted by technical consultant Elizabeth Bettencourt. Ms. Burdick introduced the IRWMP purpose and plan development process; identified opportunities associated with the plan and planning process, including avenues for public involvement; responded to attendees IRWMP-related questions, and heard local comments and concerns. Maps and other educational information were available for public review. Meetings ranged from one to two hours in length. Attendees received the following information as handouts:

            Draft Issues and Conflicts
            Draft Resource Management Strategies
            Draft Goals and Objectives

See also “Frequently Asked Questions.”