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Who We Are

The Regional Water Management Group (RWMG) is responsible for preparing the Plan and governing the planning process, as well as approving projects for inclusion in the Plan. It is made up of regional water managers: public agencies, water purveyors, the Pit River Tribe, local jurisdictions, water service and resource conservation districts, and conservation interests. Current RWMG members include:

Stakeholder Composition on RWMG
Big Valley Water Users Group (water purveyor) Natural Resources Conservation Service (federal agency)
Burney Water District (DAC water purveyor) North Cal-Neva RC&D Council, Inc. (community organization)
California Department of Fish and Game (state agency) Northeastern California Water Association (community organization)
Central Modoc Resource Conservation District (local agency) Pit River Resource Conservation District (local agency)
Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (state agency) Pit River Tribe (DAC water purveyor and Sovereign Nation)
City of Alturas (DAC municipal water purveyor and flood control agency) Pit River Watershed Alliance (community organization and environmental stewardship)
Fall River Conservancy (environmental stewardship) River Center (environmental stewardship)
Fall River Resource Conservation District (local agency) Shasta County Water Agency (county gov’t)
Fall River Valley CSD (DAC water purveyor) Sierra Pacific Industries (industry)
Lassen County Board of Supervisors (county gov’t) South Fork Irrigation District (water purveyor)
Lassen County Water Works (DAC water purveyor) Trout Unlimited (environmental stewardship)
Modoc County Board of Supervisors (county gov’t) U.C. Cooperative Extension Agency (university)
Modoc County Planning Department (county gov’t) U.S. Bureau of Land Management (federal agency)
Modoc County Public Works (county gov’t) U.S. Forest Service (federal agency)