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Region Acceptance

The Region Acceptance Process (RAP) is a component of the Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Program Guidelines and is used to evaluate and accept an IRWM region into the IRWM grant program. The RAP is not a grant funding application; however, acceptance of the composition of an IRWM region into the IRWM grant program is required for DWR IRWM grant funding eligibility.

In September 2008, SB1 was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger. SB1 contains the "Integrated Regional Water Management Planning Act". The IRWM Planning Act provides a general definition of an IRWM plan, as well as guidance to DWR as to what IRWM program guidelines must contain.

CWC Sec 10541(f) states that the guidelines shall include standards for identifying a region for the purposes of developing or modifying an IRWM plan.
At a minimum, a region is defined as a contiguous geographic area encompassing the service areas of multiple local agencies; is defined to maximize the opportunities to integrate water management activities; and effectively integrates water management programs and projects within a hydrologic region defined in the California Water Plan, the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) region, or subdivision or other region specifically identified by DWR (Public Resource Code Sec 75026.(b)(1)).

The Upper Pit River Watershed application for IRWM-region status can be read here. (link – document is at the end of this file “Upper Pit River Watershed Integrated Regional Water Management Program - Submittal for Region Acceptance Process”
For more information about the RAP process, please follow this link to DWR website